We chose Al-Cantàra as the name for our winery because our grapes are cultivated in Randazzo, Contrada Feudo, near the river Alcantara. Alcantara in Arabic means “bridge”. For us, the bridge symbolises the link between poetry, art and wine. A good wine is poetry and it is an art to produce it. We named our red wine “O’scuru O’scuru” (Sicilian for deep dark) from the title of a collection of sonnets about mafia written by the Sicilian poet Nino Martoglio. “Luci luci”, the name of the white wine, comes from “luci luci picuraru”, the fireflies described by the poet in the first sonnet.

We have complemented these wines with the trio “Triplice Alleanza”, named after the book that was published with these wines. They are: “U toccu” an IGT red wine, “A notturna” an IGT white wine and “Lu disìu” a dessert wine – passito. We have also produced an extra-virgin olive oil “A tistimunianza” and an IGT rosè “Amuri di fimmina e amuri di matri”. These names, like those of our other wines, come from poems by Martoglio. Our last wine is an IGT red “Cappiddazzu paga tutto”, which is the title of a comedy written by Martoglio and Luigi Pirandello.
In this project we have been assisted by Sarah Zapulla Muscarà, Chair of Italian Literature at the University of Catania, who has been responsible for the anastatic reprint of Nino Martoglio’s poems. For the artistic contribution, we turned to Alfredo Guglielmino of Cartura. In all the labels for the bottles, he has elegantly and convincingly interpreted the message of the poem which accompanies each wine. He has also developed our trademark for the winery: the “bridge” that symbolically links the woman to the water of the river. Many thanks to both. A sincere expression of gratitude for their many efforts goes also to the oenologist Gianfranco Maiolo and to our agronomist Nunzio Puglisi to whom I owe honours and awards which our wines received such as the Diploma di Gran Menzione from Vinitaly in 2008.

Pucci Giuffrida