The ‘Small museum’ is an ancient cottage which dates from 1850 and called ‘The House of Nuts”. Currently, it hosts the works of painters, photographers and sculptors who have taken part into the events organised by Alcantàra winery so far.
For each event we made a brochure with the CV of the artists.
We put up for auction all the works realised, with the help of a notary who guaranteed the authenticity of the artworks and the purchases.
We donated the proceeds to two organizations in Catania and Palermo that take care of abandoned children and deal with rare childhood diseases.
We have made about 24,000€!
The works which have not been sold are currently kept in our ‘Small museum’.
There are about 400 works made by 300 artists.
You may find below what is written on the door of the ‘Small Museum’.
Come to visit us and see what we have created!

Opening this door you will see one of the most spectacular lava flows that Mount Etna has ever produced. However, it is a flow of creativity, a creativity that only a few people can imagine, and not the white-hot magma rivers that flow in this valley. In a world where everything is cyclical and only imagination remains eternally young, a promising group of artists managed to make this museum a sort of shelter for suggestions, inspiration which comes from the sky, the earth, a piece of cardboard, the landscape, a canvas, a spider and even…from a cork! Each artist has dipped the brush into their soul to paint their own nature in the images and works of art that you are going to admire beyond this door.